Traditional ERP versus ERP for eCommerce: Which is right for you?

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems just aren’t cutting it for the modern eCommerce retailer. ERP systems are software packages that integrate data and related processes in a single space. They span a variety of business-specific functions, everything from inventory to finance.

The problem is that many traditional ERP systems aren’t designed with the eCommerce industry in mind – meaning they lack eCommerce-specific features online merchants need. Because eCommerce ERP is relatively niche, merchants don’t know what to look for and often end up trying to attach best-of-breed systems to traditional ERP. Some of the biggest issues for retailers using traditional ERP systems are, it can’t be easily customized and real-time data integration and connections to front-end shopping carts or marketplaces can be timely and costly endeavors.

In our most recent white paper, we explore the different ERP systems available to retailers today. We hope that retailers will use this white paper as a resource when selecting a vendor that will grant a platform for growth and the flexibility to evolve with the changing retail landscape.

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