The importance of user interface and SalesWarp

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Do you remember when you first designed your eCommerce website? It was likely driven by features – you wanted to have all these retail categories, service options, shipping offerings and everything under the sun right there and accessible to consumers.

That's all good and well, but then you probably ran into issues in the other end of the spectrum: ease of use. Maybe you noticed your website was overwhelming customers and instead of encouraging them to buy, the sheer amount of stuff on your website was actually turning them away. Then, you realized that balancing ease of use with the number of options you want available for consumers was a difficult task.

At SalesWarp, we realize balancing ease of use with a feature-rich solution is a difficult task, regardless of whether you are designing an eCommerce website or an eCommerce platform. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many solution providers encounter with their software – they want to deliver all the features but they don't do so in a way that makes them easy to use.

A study from BeyeNETWORK highlights this conundrum. When business intelligence and other analytical software are difficult to use, people try to avoid it. The report suggests that when companies' primary business solutions are easy to use, 35 percent of employees will actively utilize them to conduct tasks.

SalesWarp has spent a lot of time mastering user interfaces and creating a streamlined (yet feature-packed) eCommerce solution.,/div>

When they are difficult to manage, that number drops to 27 percent. After you've spent money on license fees, integration costs and other expenses, the last thing you want is for your employees to actively look for excuses not to use your new tools.

The team over at SalesWarp has spent a lot of time mastering user interfaces and creating a streamlined (yet feature-packed) eCommerce solution. Everything from color and graphics usage to dashboard integration must be just right to create a visually stimulating, easy-to-understand solution. We know that while more is always better, when it comes to functionality and features, that isn't always the case when it comes to creating an engaging user interface.

User interface is one of the core values that SalesWarp brings to the table. While we're always looking to bring more to the table in terms of eCommerce management features, we also work hard to ensure that doesn't make SalesWarp any harder to use for people at any level of eCommerce operations.

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