The importance of being channel agnostic

Omnichannel Commerce

The hype surrounding mobile devices has become almost palpable. It seems as if every business is looking into ways to incorporate smartphones and tablets into their workflow, ranging from financial services providers to marketing agencies. As you know, mobile fever is a huge topic in the retail industry, with the majority of big-name merchants working these devices into their eCommerce operations.

For what it's worth, mobile devices are incredibly valuable pieces of technology that can greatly enhance a lot of what retailers are doing to engage customers and improve their businesses.

The hype surrounding mobile devices has become almost palpable.

More than 140 million Americans are now proud owners of smartphones, new data from comScore found, so there is definitely a large audience for mobile shopping.

However, it's important not to get swept away by the mobile hype wave. Incorporating smartphones and tablets into multichannel retailing efforts can create a better customer experience, but not everyone will use these devices to make purchases or even conduct basic product research. For example, a new report from Deloitte found that less than one-quarter of Canadian shoppers preferred mobile shopping over brick-and-mortar, while 46 percent said smartphones did not help them shop any faster.

Implementing mobile can help companies make major headway into providing their customers with a seamless shopping experience that allows them to purchase goods in the way that's most convenient to them. However, retailers must avoid too much platform bias in one way or the other, as it may lead to them neglecting the experience elsewhere. Not everyone will use mobile devices to shop, which is why it's so important for retailers to make sure they have a true omnichannel operation so they can deliver an enjoyable buying experience across every channel.

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