Mapping the Politics of the Social Web for Marketing Purposes

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Every point of data can be useful in reaching your target office, so from here’s former GOP online strategist Patrick Ruffini with the red-blue divide in Social Network Platforms: The Politics of the Social Web click to enlarge The icons plotted to the left represent Social Media frequented by liberal voters; the closer to […]

Best SEO Practices for your E-Commerce Business

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Keyword relevance is still a big deal in getting traffic, even though search engines have sharpened their algorithms determining the relevance of a piece of textual content. Jill Kocher, from Practical Ecommerce examines using the exact keyword matters in the world of search engine optimization in her post SEO Keywords: ‘Red Roses’ vs. ‘Roses Red’. […]

Using your Marketing Budget Efficiently

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In the relatively new field of internet marketing, as opposed to traditional print and old-media advertising, old rules and ways of doing business are changing. An interesting post over at Biznology compares a business’ marketing budget to the ballyhoo of Hollywood and their “saturation” promotion of “tent-pole” movies at the expense of under-promoting their smaller […]

#TrendingTopics Make The World Go Round

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Since its launch on July, 15 2006, twitter has grown from a tiny seedling to a bean stock that could tower over the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. With a current registered customer base of 613,830,280 the phenomenon of Twitter continues to pick-up steam along with the spike in social-media capable news sources around the […]

Best Social Media Practices

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One of the most effective marketing methods on the internet is Social Media: Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and many others offer a way to communicate quickly and efficiently with not only potential customers, but to inform your present customer base about about updates and changes in your core products. The SalesWarp Marketing Team has […]

Track the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Awareness and Sales Campaign

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Online businesses are realizing the potential of social media as a tool for marketing and increasing sales, promoting specials and generally raising awareness about their company’s services and products. Social media allows you interact with your customers on a personal level and lets your client base participate in developing your products with real-time feedback, giving […]

Help Stop the Internet Sales Tax Next Week

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Skip McGrath is a knowledgeable E-Commerce blogger with a news alert about a subject which affects every online seller: federal sales tax on internet sales. Legislation Attempts to Impose New Internet Sales Tax Burdens on Small Businesses. On Tuesday, the Senate agreed to begin debating a small business tax bill (S.2237) that some say could […]

Welcome Our Newest Partner – One Pica

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I just got back from vacation that took me to Connecticut to see the family and then off to Boston to take my kids to hallowed Fenway Park for Red Sox game. So they lost, mostly in part to the former Sox, Kevin Youkilis, blasting a 3-run shot, but that’s another story. While we were […]

Improve SEO with Consumer Reviews

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Thousands of times a day, people rely on search engines to deliver the most relevant products and services from credible online retailers. Optimizing your storefront for search engine web crawlers is a vital marketing strategy for retailers trying to increase visibility through organic search. Most retailers know this but what they often overlook is that […]

To Succeed in E-commerce, It’s All About Collaboration

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After watching the Tour de France this past weekend (of which I am a rabid fan) and seeing how teammates and even competing teams actually collaborate in the Peloton to catch those riders who go for the breakaway, it reminded me of a common theme I took away from Magento Imagine in April and IRCE […]