Increasing your SEO Power with Google Shopping

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Between mid-summer and fall 2012 Google’s free Product Search feature will start costing ecommerce sites a lot more to use. Since the launch of Google’s Froogle in 2002, Google has provided a free product search service. The newly launched Google Shopping marks the first time that the company has converted a free service to a […]

Ebay Rolls Out New Safeguards Ensuring a Fair Marketplace for Sellers.

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This fall, Ebay is launching a slew of new features and rules to help improve the security and enhance the shopping experience on their popular internet auction site. One of the best new features is new Top Rated Plus seal which highlights top services. The percentage of all eBay purchases that are from Top Rated […]

SalesWarp Tips on How to Launch a New Ecommerce Business

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SalesWarp Storefront Management System is the best way to Build, Manage and Expand your online store or business. But before you improve and expand your business, or even manage it, you have to launch it. Here are some tips for how to successfully launch a new E-Commerce Business. Identify Your Market First you have to […]

Building your Brand and Avoiding SEO Obsession

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Many online businesses, and especially E-Commerce sites like online stores obsess over search engine result page (SERP) placement. SERP strategies and tactics are valuable for driving traffic for your website, however, there is a misconception that traffic gained from this source is free. Ranking well for competitive terms carries a price, in terms of workers […]

Online Back-to-College Shoppers Spend More on Merchandise

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Research in the E-Commerce fields of SEO, Pricing, Competitive Practices, Customer Preference and Trends can be the most valuable weapon in your online business’ arsenal targeting higher sales and return on investment. However, accurate and dependable research costs time and money. That’s why Research Archive, with dozens of timely and detailed reports offered for […]

Image Optimization FTW!

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When it comes to separating a storefront from your competitors, many businesses overlook the small things. Image optimization is a practice that will help your relevancy within the search engine rankings.  There are a few key components of an image that administrators should focus on including file names, anchor text and alternative text. How descriptive and relative […]

SalesWarp Now A Contributing Author to eCommerce Insiders Online Magazine

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If you check out eCommerce Insiders, you’ll see our first contribution to their online magazine. The article is on order management and how the right system can really help improve E-commerce ROI. I wanted to first thank Chris over at eCommerce Insiders for asking SalesWarp to contribute the online magazine each month. We are very excited […]

Multi Channel Sales and You

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Instead of surfing TV channels as their parents and grandparents did, consumers of today surf the internet for entertainment, leisure, and most important to e-commerce businesses, shopping. When they are shopping for items online, customers demand that they get the same shopping experience from your company regardless of where you sell your products. One of […]