5 Reasons why Brands Benefit from Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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>Whether you are a new or an existing E-commerce business, social media has probably become a significant part of your integrated marketing plan. Have you also considered the unique conversations delivered offline that can empower a brand message? A recent post by Jackie Huba revealed the surprising facts about Word-of-Mouth marketing in a widely social […]

Google Testing New Image Search Ads

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Google is always adding new features to improve the site for both advertisers and users. This week Google is testing a new format for the ads that appear on Google Images search results. Improvements were made to the original format last year, but now it appears that the search engine are aiming to offer a […]

SalesWarp’s Blog is the Newest Addition to AllTop: E-Commerce

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The SalesWarp E-commerce blog is now incorporated into the Alltop E-Commerce topic! If you aren’t familiar with Alltop, it is a content-driven site whose mission is to let viewers know what’s happening in a variety of topics. Alltop works by aggregating headlines from high quality sites and blog feeds. Each AllTop topic is easy to navigate to […]

Turning Your Customers into Advocates for your Brand

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Scoring the buzz designers, brand managers, and business strategists continuously pursue isn’t easy. The important thing is getting consumers who adopt a brand to actively advocate a brand. Some companies convince customers not only to use their products but to adopt their brands organically: their brand is an industry standard, it’s part of the popular […]

Comparing Comparison Shopping Engines

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Are you looking to strategically expose your brand wherever your customers are? Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) are powerful E-Commerce marketing channels that attract shoppers to your site who are ready to buy. When shoppers visit a CSE, they typically already have a product in mind but prefer to compare pricing and quality to similar products […]

Scoring Internet Media with Blogger Outreach – Earned vs. Paid

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“Earned media (or free media) refers to favorable publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising, as opposed to paid media, which refers to publicity gained through advertising. Earned media often refers specifically to publicity gained through editorial influence, whereas social media refers to publicity gained through grassroots action, particularly on the Internet. The media […]

Using Word of Mouth for ECommerce

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Image created using Internet Meme Generator Using Internet Memes to promote your online store or ecommerce business can be a tricky enterprise. What amuses one customer might offend another, and in your quest to be edgy and generate buzz, an over-zealous employee without a good sense of what might be considered out-of-bounds could give your […]

Intelligent Back-End Processes Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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For small online retailers, shopping cart abandonment can be frustrating and potentially threatening to sales goals. Learning why people abandon shopping carts can reveal operational inefficiencies that can be improved. Look at the infographic created by Milo below to see some of the reasons consumers abandon their purchases. (via Econsultancy.com)