Why Data Visibility is Vital to Omnichannel Success

Omnichannel Commerce

Information can be used by retailers in a variety of ways, but offering data visibility across the organization is vital to omnichannel success. With retailers expanding to a variety of new channels, gaining information about customers and creating detailed profiles has never been easier. Yet at the same time, many merchants still are not using […]

Rampant DDoS attacks illustrat​e why multichannel eCommerce is pivotal

Omnichannel Commerce

Online has quickly become the primary reta​il channel for many sellers. The barrier to entry is incredibly low compared to operating offline stores, particularly with the advent of online marketplaces that allow retailers to sell their goods to wide audiences in a matter of clicks. However, an effective multichannel eCommerce approach is vital to the […]

How siloed applications inhibit growth

Industry News

Retailers often find themselves implementing new applications and solutions to respond to new needs and demands of their business. What they fail to realize or take into account is how these new solutions tie into their existing systems. In mange cases, these solutions either don’t communicate with their other systems, or are culled together in […]

‘Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store’ May Lead to More Sales

Order Management

One way that sellers are getting more out of their regular patrons is via “buy online pick up in-store” fulfillment options that drive customers into nearby physical locations. The reason this omnichannel eCommerce strategy works so effectively is that it extends the purchase window even further. If retailers simply fulfill online orders and deliver these […]

How the Omnichannel Shopping Experience is Connected through Mobile

Omnichannel Commerce

Just as the Internet revolutionized the commerce landscape, mobile devices are set to do the same to the omnichannel shopping experience. While online and brick-and-mortar stores are still the primary place of purchase for many customers, smartphones and tablets are playing an increasingly larger role in the shopping process, whether consumers are reading reviews of […]

Doing product recommendations the right way

Industry News

For retailers, product recommendations may seem like a self-serving tactic – they want to offer relevant items to customers to garner more sales. However, as it turns out, customers also find product recommendations useful. One study conducted by marketing platform provider Listrak found that as many as 80 percent of customers find product suggestions they […]

SalesWarp 2.8.1 – Product Management Updates

Product Updates

We’ve been hard at work on SalesWarp’s 2.8.1 release, and there are so many new features, we can’t even fit them into one blog post! For now, here are all the delicious updates we’ve made to managing products in SalesWarp. Check out the full release notes of all the 2.8.1 features and improvements.

Retail to the Power of SalesWarp – 2014 Shop.org Summit


Fall is in the air! Time for pumpkin-flavored everything and football madness. It’s the lull between Back-to-School and Holiday, aka the calm before the storm for retailers like you. It’s also time for Shop.org, the National Retail Federation’s digitally-focused arm, to put on their annual Summit and Expo. This year it takes place in Philadelphia […]