Putting the customer at the center of the omnichannel transformation

Omnichannel Commerce

If you’re a merchant with your hands in the mobile, web and brick-and-mortar retail pies, you know how difficult it can be to bringĀ all three channels together to create a cohesive shopping experience for customers. There are few things more frustrating than web stores, physical locations and mobile apps not being synced in terms of product prices, item availability and other pieces of information.

No longer can mobile, web and brick-and-mortar be treated as individual independent functions. Consumers don’t think of your websites, apps and physical locations as different companies, they view them as different components of the same brand. If you’re not on their level and treating various channels as a collaborative shopping platform, then you’re already operating with a customer disconnect on the most basic level.

Making the requisite adjustments to facilitate an omnichannel shopping experience starts with placing the customer at the center of your transformation.

To facilitate an omnichannel shopping experience start with placing the customer at the center.

Every change to the way you operate – from the eCommerce software and tools used to improve inventory selection to new customer service policies – should be done with the customer and their experience in mind. It’s also important that all employees areĀ educated about the digital transformation and understand the objectives of the changes.

“Bridge roles are becoming so important to help everyone at the table really understand what are those issues that we need to solve, and allowing the team to solve and carry out the plan,” Jim Okamura, head of Okamura Consulting, told Shop.org. “The structural changes are easy. It’s all the process and cultural changes that accompany those that comprise the really hard work that we have ahead of us.”

Omnichannel eCommerce experiences are the way of the future, and by putting the customer at the center, you’ll be better able to make the right moves to facilitate positive change.