My First Experience with SalesWarp at IRCE – Chicago


A few weeks ago the SalesWarp team attended IRCE out in Chicago. After a flat and straight, 12-hour road trip from Baltimore and dreaming about relaxing in our booth for some time now…

…we got our booth set up on day 1(for the most part) and met our professional masseuse, Ruby, on Day 2 at the McCormick Center and completed the set up of our booth! Phil Fiore, our VP of Sales, jumped in the massage chair first.

On Day 2, I got to fully experience my first conference and exhibition (Day 1 was pretty slow as it was more of a social, happy hour-type opening). In between speakers and workshops, retailers, vendors, lawyers, and consultants, with IRCE bags stuffed with marketing materials in hand, flooded the aisles. The conference floor was quite overwhelming from above, and some of the booths were ridiculous but awesome. From the logistics vendors with live demonstrations of packaging equipment, to the Needle Party RV, to the rotating 360 degree camera robots, and of course Avalara’s Tiki Hut, there was no shortage of booths to see and interesting people to talk to.

On Night 2 the SalesWarp team went to the IRCE after party at the House of Blues. The food was great and after mingling for a bit, we gave our feet a rest and danced to the Chicago Players from our seats (unfortunately, we didn’t hire a foot masseuse).

On Day 3 we had back-to-back demos, a full post-show demo schedule, and a line at our massage chair. No one minded waiting for a demo if they could get a massage with Ruby. And almost everyone left with a SalesWarp neck pillow for the trip home.

By the end of the show, we had made friends with our booth neighbors and reconnected with our neighbors in Baltimore, Groove Commerce. It was great meeting prospects we had been conversing with on the phone before the conference and seeing everyone we met at the Avalara after-party and the Magento after-party on Night 1 the following day at our booth. I also got to meet a few of our partners, One Pica, Magento, Demandware, SearchSpring, and EyeMagine when they dropped by to catch up and relax for a bit with a massage.

All in all, we were a great fit for a lot of retailers who stopped by. Sifting through our notes, I noticed we had scribbled down quotes from our conversations; “clean up my mess” and “need to replace in-house Godzilla” (things SalesWarp is very good at).

Above, you will find the main reasons why these retailers stopped by our booth. For the majority, they wanted to know how SalesWarp could address a critical pain point- either managing orders across multiple storefronts and inventory across multiple warehouses, managing products across stores and marketplaces, or manual processes involved with their eCommerce operations. Many retailers were also intrigued by SalesWarp’s bi-directional workflow capabilities and commercial source code.

After the conference ended, we all tried to get the most out of Chicago before heading home. David Anderson, our VP of Marketing, went to the Cubs game while the rest of the team dug into some deep-dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s. Most people say deep-dish is a must if you are visiting Chicago, but for me, having a drink at the John Hancock building was a much cooler experience.  It’s true that the best view of the city is from the women’s bathroom on the viewing deck.


View from John Hancock

In conclusion, SalesWarp had a successful show, I loved Chicago, and I am excited to return to IRCE next year!

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