My Best Shave Ever and One Incredible Customer Experience!

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Dollar Shave Club-One Incredible Customer Experience

Last week I came across an ad for the Dollar Shave Club on Facebook and decided to take a closer look (first shave pun). Being a marketer and always on the lookout for new cool brands, the first thing that caught my eye was the graphics – the logo, the ad design, the clean look (just like the shave they give you and second pun) and the simple messaging about ordering razors online. I decided after a very quick review of their nicely designed website (which by the way is designed to put you into the checkout process the moment you view a product – very ingenious), their offer (a great shave for a few bucks a month) and that getting a good close clean shave is not so easy to come by, that I would sign up for their monthly delivery which includes a razor in the first order.

The Online Purchase:

The order process was easy. The fact that they have 3 razors to choose from (all with a different number blades at a different price point) made it easy to select the one I wanted (the $6 razor with 4 blades per month). I thought that was the easy part, but the checkout process was just as easy. Of course their eCommerce platform provided cross-sell options prior to checkout (shave butter, post shave and wipes – again only a few options and a clean presentation). I opted to skip any options and proceeded to purchase. I choose to have my order shipped within 5 days (which was free by the way). The whole process (which I did over my old iphone 4S that is about to die) from finding the ad to checkout took about 3 minutes.


Now came the incredible customer experience part. Like most online stores, you receive your order confirmation that confirms what you ordered and that you can expect your delivery in the timeframe you selected. I believe I placed my order late Wednesday night and received the email shortly thereafter. On Friday, I received another email saying that my order got mixed up in the warehouse (not sure what that meant but knowing the whole fulfillment process, I knew their back-end systems were tightly integrated with their website to be able to generate an automated email like this) and that they were making the necessary corrections to fulfill my order and deliver on time. What shocked me was that they were refunding me my $6 for the inconvenienceā€¦? “Huh”, I said to myself, “I wasn’t inconvenienced”. In fact I probably would have never known there was an issue with my order because I still received it within the 5 days. Maybe because they shipped it out quicker, I don’t know.

The Delivery:

The Bathroom Minutes - Time Well SpentSo I get my package on Tuesday, which is nicely designed and packed. It also contained a pamphlet called “The Bathroom Minutes – Time Well Spent”. This is their monthly newsletter made to look like it’s printed on newspaper. It was a well designed accordion-folded piece that highlighted fun facts on Kentucky (where they are located), members, club news and a team member spotlight. It is a very fun, inclusive piece that makes you feel like you are part of something. The other extra included in the package was a sample of their shave butter (remember this).

The Shave:

Wednesday morning comes and I go right to my new razor and shave butter sample and begin the morning ritual. The shave butter was interesting, very unfoamy and more like lotion so I was a little skeptical. The razor worked great – much better than a more expensive store bought razor I had been using. Now was it the razor, the shave butter or both that created the closest, smoothest shave I have ever experienced? I would have to wait until tomorrow to know since I am now out of shave butter, but that I’ll discuss later.

The Upsell:

Later that day, I receive another email asking now that I’ve used the shave butter sample if I wanted to add a full tube to my next order. Was that a little presumptuous of them to assume I had used the sample? Or do they have some incredibly new technology on the sample pack that transmitted a signal to their computer informing them of when I had opened the pack? I may never know the answer. What I do know is that they had now gotten me to add the shave butter (an $8 tube) to my next month’s order of blades and each month’s order, a 125% upsell. Not bad.

The Experience:

What makes this online buying experience different, and in my view, exceptional from others is the ease of the entire process, the timely communication, the little things, and obviously a very good product. It is a very well-positioned brand, at a very good price point and makes a daily ritual almost enjoyable. And let’s not forget how happy my wife will be now that my face will be that much smoother every day. That alone is worth it.

Oh, I almost forgot about my shave this morning, without the shave butter. Let’s just say that my shave is just as close, but the experience was very different. It was much rougher and nowhere near as smooth a shave. I guess adding the shave butter to next month’s order was the right move.

Happy shaving!

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