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It seems like just yesterday that Apple launched the iPhone, yet over the past eight years, one simple device has forever changed the face of the retail industry. As Internet Retailer recently noted, an eCommerce operations director that jumped forward over this time frame would struggle to recognize all the requirements of his job in the modern retail landscape.

A new study conducted by comScore made it plainly obvious how much mobile devices have affected shopping. Whereas the average person spent only 26 percent of their time online with their mobile devices and tablets in 2010, that figure has jumped to 56 percent as of December 2013, and that statistic is likely to continue to climb in the near future.

Retailers need to ensure their multi channel eCommerce operations are in order to capitalize on multi channel consumers who choose to shop across a number of different outlets.

Mobile devices in conjunction with standalone computers

It’s important to note that mobile device usage hasn’t taken away from time spent shopping on conventional desktop and laptop computers. People still prefer standalone computers when they’re convenient and available – mobile just gives them more opportunities to shop online. This is why merchants need to perfect their digital experience and multi channel eCommerce operations.

“Mobile devices have profoundly and lastingly changed the digital media landscape, but it’s important to realize that while consumers are spending more and more time with these untethered devices, their usage has been largely incremental to desktop,” report author Andrew Lipsman explained. “In fact, virtually all of the growth in total Internet usage over the past three years has come from usage of smartphones and tablets, which are responsible for almost doubling the amount of time Americans spend online.”

The eCommerce solution is at the core of how well a retailer’s multi channel eCommerce operations are integrated with the number of shopping outlets available to consumers.

This makes it all the more important that retailers are able to track customer activity across channels through the use of various identifiers such as email address, names and credit card information. Failure to do so can lead to embarrassing and counter-productive scenarios. For example, say a customer looks at an item on their phone before buying it online. If retailers can’t track that activity across shopping outlets, they may not realize that product was purchased, which may lead to them sending reminders or product suggestions to buy similar items. Not only does this make the merchant in question look clueless, it also means the retailer is wasting time trying to sell an item that’s already been purchased instead of moving on to new goods.

Managing your multi channel eCommerce operations with the right eCommerce solution

An eCommerce solution that can consolidate customer and order information into a single place can be a significant asset to retailers. The eCommerce solution is at the core of how well a retailer’s multi channel eCommerce operations are integrated with the number of shopping outlets available to consumers, such as mobile devices, online stores, online marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar locations. Retailers must work to integrate all of these channels into one eCommerce solution to provide a consistent and customer-focused shopping experience.

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