Mobile Coupons are Increasing the Loyalty of Omnichannel Shoppers

Omnichannel Commerce

Retailers have been reaping the rewards of mobile shopping over the past few months. Most recently, a report from IBM declared mobile devices were "the big winners" of Black Friday, as they drove nearly 40 percent of all online traffic and 22 percent of total online sales, with both metrics seeing double-digit growth compared to the same timeframe last year.

Separate findings from GE Capital Retail suggest that mobile shopping isn't just a seasonal trend, either – these devices are now mainstays in the consumer shopping experience. The survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents (61 percent) have performed some sort of shopping-related activity on their smartphones in the past three months, such as looking up nearby store locations and comparing prices. Meanwhile, 36 percent have actually completed a transaction on their smartphones.

The value of mobile coupons
Merchants who wish to motivate customers to shop more often may want to consider offering relevant mobile coupons.

69 percent of respondents are more likely to make a purchase if the merchant in question issued mobile coupons.

The GE Capital Retail report found that 69 percent of respondents are more likely to make a purchase if the merchant in question issued mobile coupons.

Of course, coupons will always be powerful tools in influencing shopping behaviors, whether they come from mobile channels or not. However, mobile is a unique platform as it gives retailers direct access to customers wherever they are. A mobile coupon can be sent by the merchant and accessed by the consumer much easier than a newspaper clipping. Retailers are delivering coupons in a number of different ways including: QR codes, mobile application, digital loyalty cards, SMS and email.

Additionally, if retailers have eCommerce software that consolidates cross-channel information, they can leverage that data to create tailored marketing messages designed specifically for individual consumers' interests. In the same GE Capital Retail report, 73 percent of respondents surveyed claimed they regularly take advantage of relevant mobile coupons sent to their mobile devices.

As smartphones and tablets are increasingly making their way into the homes of millions of Americans, merchants should continue to deliver valuable and relevant offers that target the growing number of shoppers using smartphones to purchase in and out of the store.

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