Making the most of Father’s Day 2015

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Retailers often plan far in advance to prepare for key holidays and peak periods, such as Valentine’s Day or “back to school” season. This allows them to ensure they have the right items in stock and can adequately serve customers during these time frames. While Father’s Day may not be one of the biggest holidays in the United States (even in comparison to Mother’s Day), there is no denying it is still a key retail period that merchants need to anticipate.

Preparing for the 2015 Father’s Day 
A recent survey from the National Retail Federation found that while sales of Father’s Day-related items are not growing exponentially over the years, they are still on the upswing. This year, approximately 75 percent of Americans plan to purchase gifts or spend money in other ways to honor their fathers. Additionally, average expenditures per person continue to grow, with shoppers anticipating spending $115 on their dads this year, compared to $113 last year.

Moreover, the timing of Father’s Day coinciding with the beginning of summer is a great time for retailers to propose add-on items. For example, someone who buys a new set of golf clubs for their dad may also be interested in grabbing a new club or two for themselves to last the rest of the golf season. This can open up ample opportunities for merchants, especially if they are in a niche that focuses on summer seasonal goods.

“After a less than stellar first half of the year, retailers are ready to welcome the warm weather and the millions of shoppers that come along with it and kick off the summer spending season just in time for Father’s Day,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “Spending on grilling and patio necessities, pool gear, sporting goods, apparel and other gift and seasonal merchandise could be the positive stepping stone retailers need heading into the second half of the year.”

Some top items for the 2015 Father’s Day holiday include: apparel (specifically, neckties and dress shirts), experience-related gifts (tickets to concerts or sports events), home improvement tools and items, coffee mugs, sports and exercise gifts, gift cards and, in many instances, just a simple card.

Making Father’s Day easy for shoppers
Whereas many Americans do their holiday or “back to school” shopping early, Father’s Day purchases tend to be more spontaneous in comparison. People may not know what they want to give their dad, and they may wind up making last-minute purchases. This is where retailers can step in and help out their customers.

For example, product recommendations may help guide shoppers to find the perfect picks for their fathers. It can be difficult to shop for the dad who seemingly has everything, so suggestions based on other popular purchases can help kickstart some ideas for customers. In-store pickup could be a huge convenience factor for shoppers as well, allowing them to make the purchase online and pick the item up on the way to their parents’ homes.

Father’s Day may not be a huge holiday, but with some preparation and a consumer-minded approach, merchants may be able to make the most of the holiday.

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