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Uber has taken the nation by storm, helping people get from point A to point B at a lower price point than they could previously. The transportation provider offers cab-like services to users, and has seen tremendous growth, with one internal document published by Gawker’s Valleywag suggesting Uber gets more than 1 million requests per week.

But Uber is not just providing transportation for users – some retailers have begun using the service as a means to deliver their products in a timely fashion. Uber RUSH allows retailers to leverage the service as a courier, getting packages to their destination quickly and safely. With Uber RUSH, merchants do not need to worry about products being damaged during shipping, as they will not be crammed into packed delivery trucks. Additionally, sellers can rest assured knowing their packages will be delivered to customers within the day, and they can track shipments as well.

The great thing about Uber RUSH compared to same-day delivery from conventional providers is that there are no standard hours of operation. Retailers use the same Uber app, which means they could even send a product out at 10 p.m. on a weekend night if they wanted. It should be noted that the availability of Uber RUSH is still being rolled out, with the coverage area only currently spanning Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.

Cole Haan capitalizes on RUSH

Despite the limited availability of RUSH, that has not stopped some merchants from exploring its potential as a delivery service. Last year, Cole Haan used RUSH to offer same-day delivery to New York customers. The service cost customers an additional $10, but it meant they got their items on the same day their purchases were made.

Efficiency is the name of the game for Uber, and services such as RUSH may be the tool merchants need to become more flexible and adaptable as well. 

For Cole Haan, utilizing RUSH made a lot of sense. While it is more expensive than using traditional carriers, Cole Haan sells high-end shoes anyway. As Time Out noted, some of the retailer’s footwear costs nearly $300. When talking about luxury goods, paying a bit extra for same-day delivery likely is not going to scare away any customers, so leveraging RUSH is a win for all parties involved.

At the National Retail Federation’s Big Show earlier this year, Uber executive Jason Droege noted the importance of being on-demand in the modern retail space. Thanks to online websites and mobile shopping apps, people can shop at any time, from any place, and retailers must be ready to serve them, whether it is through personal interactions, ensuring prompt delivery or anything else.

According to CMO, Droege asserted this is why Uber has been so successful, as the company is always ready to serve customers. The company does not think in terms of days and hours, but in minutes and seconds. Efficiency is the name of the game for Uber, and services such as RUSH may be the tool merchants need to become more flexible and adaptable as well.

“That’s the nature of Uber: We’re on-demand,” he said, CMO reported.

Incorporating Uber RUSH into the mix

“That’s the nature of Uber: We’re on-demand”

Implementing Uber RUSH may require a specific approach from merchants, and will add an extra wrinkle of complexity to merchants’ order fulfillment and shipping processes. Retailers should simply look at RUSH like they would any other carrier service and create rule sets and logic that can identify optimal situations to use the service instead of conventional carriers.

Uber has revolutionized how many people get from point A to point B, and with a bit of thoughtfulness, may similarly improve how merchants deliver their goods to customers.

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