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When constant upgrades become daily tasks, or a software’s functionality just isn’t meeting growth demands, it might be a sign that it’s time to replatform your eCommerce software. According to the infographic below, created by Monetate, an overwhelming 72% of eCommerce companies plan to change their platform technology solution in the next 3 years. 46% of eCommerce retailers plan to upgrade to new order management software at the same time.

As retailers grow from a start up to Enterprise level retailer, a software’s scalability, flexibility, and functionality become essential to handling large order volumes, the complexity of product data and order fulfillment, and multi-channel inventory. SalesWarp, an eCommerce software that integrates with shopping carts to consolidate and streamline the management of order, product, customer, and inventory data, aligns the needs of a start up, small business, emerging and enterprise retailer to provide a platform that will support transitional growth. This is an advantage to retailers who often have to migrate to new order management, PIM, or inventory management software while replatforming their shopping cart as well.

A retailer might start on SalesWarp SPARK, a cloud-based solution, with minimal start-up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses, and as they need more functionality, make a smooth transition onto the next level of features, performance, and support on the same platform. At this point the retailer becomes a SalesWarp ENTERPRISE user and has virtually unlimited scalability as to the number of products, orders, customers, warehouses, and stores that can be managed from one system.

Before replatforming your shopping cart or any other software critical to your daily eCommerce operations, remember to focus on technology integration up front to avoid replatforming multiple systems at the same time.

Check out the infographic below for more key statistics and advice on replatforming eCommerce software.

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