[INFOGRAPHIC] Delivering a Customer Experience That Builds Confidence and Trust in Your Brand

Customer Management

Earlier in the year, I shared Monetate’s infographic about creating the “Ultimate Customer Experience” by promoting confidence and trust in your brand. I’d like to revisit this infographic, as our September webinar on delivering an omnichannel customer experience quickly approaches.
In the infographic, Monetate stressed how important the customer experience is to increasing conversions and customer loyalty and illustrated a simulation of a traditional offline shopping experience to that of an online shopping experience.

One of Monetate’s suggested steps to creating a more relevant online experience is to “leverage historical and real-time data to target the website experience to the store and deliver maximum relevance”. Retrieving and organizing data in real-time can be a challenging and manual process for some retailers. As an online retailer you may have two or three stores, with products at different price points, targeting different customer segments.

Marrying a customer-focused marketing strategy with a streamlined eCommerce operation is sure to deliver customer satisfaction

One solution is to consolidate your product, order, customer and inventory data by integrating your shopping carts, POS systems, and marketplaces into one eCommerce Management Software system. By integrating your channels with software like SalesWarp, you are able to identify actionable data, such as new and returning customers and on which channels customers are buying from you. This data can not only help you build loyalty programs but also help you create channel-specific content for your product catalogs.

It is important to remember a relevant customer online shopping experience can be negatively affected by back-orders, out-of-stocks, cancellations, late delivery, and poor communication. Without real-time inventory management, online retailers are not able to deliver consistent and accurate information to their customers, possibly diminishing the customer’s trust and loyalty in the brand. Whether retailers are selling on one store or many, it is important to synchronize inventory and streamline order processing so that orders can be fulfilled quickly without any delays. Marrying a customer-focused marketing strategy with a streamlined eCommerce operation is sure to deliver customer satisfaction!

Check out the infographic below for customer-focused marketing tips. Register for our webinar on September 26th to learn more about delivering a seamless omni-channel customer experience. For more information on centralizing inventory, order, product, and customer data into one system, please visit our Solution Overview page or call 410-276-4600.

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