Getting Up To Speed With Same-day Shipping

Shipping Management

For many eCommerce merchants, shipping has always been an obstacle with which they must contend. Smaller retailers may try to take the time-consuming approach of dealing with shipping themselves, while larger eCommerce operations likely have some sort of distribution and shipping partnership worked out with a third-party vendor. Either way, getting the goods to customers in a timely fashion can make or break the overall shopping experience.

Shipping isn't going to get any easier, either. Merchants continue to up the ante with faster and faster shipping promises. Recently, Google began talking about same-day shipping, an approach that other merchants such as Amazon and eBay have also considered.

The growing attractiveness of same-day shipping is something merchants must consider. Are their customers asking for it? Does it improve the shopping experience? Is it feasible to accomplish? Should merchants do it? These are all questions that must be asked before retailers consider as they investigate possibly adding same-day shipping to their list of services and offerings.

Is same-day delivery worth the effort?

Shipping has traditionally been linked to customer satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to shop with retailers that offer a valuable buying experience.

The growing attractiveness of
same-day shipping is something merchants must consider.

Shipping is a major part of that experience for eCommerce merchants – there are few things more disheartening than placing an order and getting the wrong product, having it be damaged on arrival or waiting for weeks after the initial purchase was made.

Same-day delivery would obviously be the best option if it's executed properly, but often it's better to meet expectations than do something wrong. If you don't have the logistics management systems in place to successfully execute a same-day delivery system, then you could end up disappointing customers if they don't get packages when they expect them.

As Blouin News reports, same-day delivery has a lot of caveats that could hinder the option from ever taking off in the first place. For example, same-day delivery often has a higher cost. Additionally, the time-window (often two hours or more) may not give customers the instant gratification they expect from same-day delivery. Finally, many merchants offering same-day delivery have cut-off times as early as 2 p.m., which means only early orders will be eligible in the first place.

Ultimately, the success of same-day delivery strategies revolves around the merchant in question. If it makes sense and they have the right systems in place to execute, then it could potentially be a boon for retailers.

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