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For retailers, the key to driving multi channel sales is recognizing how mobile consumers use their smartphones to shop. While other industries may have their own best practices for engaging prospects through mobile devices, that does not always translate to the retail sector. So how are prospective shoppers using their smartphones?

Citing a study conducted by Pew Internet Research, Retail Solutions online was quick to note some of the top smartphone uses. The first was (unsurprisingly) sending or receiving text messages, which 81 percent of respondents partook in. In order, some other popular activities include accessing the Internet (60 percent), sending or receiving email (52 percent), downloading apps (50 percent), getting directions and recommendations (49 percent) and “checking in” or sharing their location (8 percent).

Using beacons to send in-store messages

Because sending or receiving text messages was one of the most common mobile device usages, this should immediately illustrate the marketing potential of beacon technology. If people are primarily using their mobile devices to send and receive messages, then why not utilize beacon technology to push notifications when customers are nearby?

Why not utilize beacon technology to push notifications when customers are nearby?

For instance, retailers could send notifications about promotions and sales to customers as they walk by a particular item on the shelf. They could also beam out messages about release dates of items coming to stores soon or to convey product information to customers.

People are using their smartphones for a variety of purposes.Push notifications and social check-ins are effective ways to engage customers.

Utilizing apps

Another common use of mobile devices is downloading apps, according to the study. This should illustrate the importance of offering an app to customers. Apps can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from loyalty initiatives to mobile wallets to traditional shopping purposes. The important thing is finding a use for apps that fits customers needs.

Social check-ins

Finally, retailers should look to encourage users to check-in while they are shopping. This is not only a great form of promotion, but it also helps customers enjoy the more social aspect of the shopping experience.

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