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What Retailers Need To Look For In A Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

Managing product and inventory data can get messy when selling on multiple channels. There’s data that comes from merchandise planning, your various suppliers, sales channels, forecasting, and kit building, and if you’re manufacturing your products in-house, there’s work-in-process data too. Eventually, all of this data (most likely stored in a spreadsheet) gets imported into your […]

Organizing Attributes for Amazon, eBay and Other Online Channels

Product Listing

Retailers selling through big online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay face tough competition. In addition to setting competitive pricing and keeping inventory in stock, all the basics of listing a product must be covered. At the bare minimum, an Amazon product listing must include the name of the product, manufacturer, SKU and UPC. The […]

Creating and Managing an Effective Product Page [Infographic]

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Welcome back to Infographic Monday! We are kicking off 2013 with 21 steps to improve your E-Commerce product pages.‘s infographic below highlights which features influence conversion rates and increase usability. There is no requirement that you have to implement all 8 features in order for a customer to convert. Adding more than one feature […]