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Advantages and Disadvantages of Just-In-Time Inventory

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History of Just-In-Time Inventory Management Long before eCommerce or inventory management software, businesses attempted to meet consumer demand by manufacturing surplus quantities of products and stockpiling inventory. They manufactured just enough inventory to satisfy anticipated demand or they heavily relied on their sales and marketing teams to generate more demand to sell the overstocked inventory. […]

From Legacy To Cloud

Q: What’s your advice for a multi-store retailer who’s looking to replace their legacy retail management software? A: Your customers expect an omnichannel experience – the ability to browse all channels, including retail, website, and mobile. Often, legacy systems have difficulty scaling. Most of these legacy systems possess limited and restrictive integration methods; as a […]

Why Managing Inventory With Spreadsheets Is a Nightmare

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Retailers – if you’re managing inventory from a spreadsheet, we can guarantee that you won’t be having sweet dreams of Sugar Plum Fairies this holiday season. Sure, it might make sense for a small business to use a spreadsheet when first starting up – it’s inexpensive and easy to use for retailers with low order […]