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Growing Pains: How In-Store Fulfillment Makes Omnichannel Retailing Possible

In-Store Fulfillment

Consumers no longer pursue the old, linear shopping path-to-purchase model. Technology influences consumers’ behaviors and has become integrated into their lives. In Retail TouchPoints’ Executive ViewPoints, SalesWarp CEO David Potts explains: “The customer wants ubiquity, the ability to be everywhere. From her cell phone to the desktop to an in-store visit, today’s customer seeks an […]

How to speed up order fulfillment [Infographic]

The retail environment has changed so drastically in the last couple of years – many customers have come to expect delivery within two to three days, and in some cases the very same day. In the eyes of customers, speed matters. In order for sellers to meet these lofty expectations, they need to leverage order […]

[Infographic] How to meet the omnichannel order fulfillment challenge

In-Store Fulfillment

When retailers think about omnichannel order fulfillment, the complexities of all the different order, delivery, and return options may come to mind.  With retailers molding their business to better serve customers whenever and wherever,  it has never been more important that retailers have deployed order management software to facilitate turnaround time and better utilize all available […]