SalesWarp Team

The SalesWarp team is managed by a diverse group with direct experience in solving your toughest eCommerce and retail system challenges. Our leadership diversity is also backed by a wide range of internal and close partner resources that let us quickly scale to handle any size project needing a variety of skill sets. Take a look at our team snapshots below and lets us know how we can help you on your next project.

David Potts

CEO & Founder
Being an entrepreneur at heart, David has always enjoyed working in new and emerging markets. David developed the SalesWarp platform to help growing retailers who need innovative omnichannel solutions at more affordable prices.

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David Potts-CEO & Founder of SalesWarp

Henry Sage

Chief Financial Officer
Henry is a senior finance executive with two decades of professional experience, including 12 years of finance, deal management, and corporate development experience.

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Henry Sage, CFO at SalesWarp

Scott Schubert

Director of Operations
Building things is Scott’s passion. He has over 25 years of experience in business management, project management, marketing and operations in both private business and non-profit organizations.

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Scott Schubert, Director of Operations at SalesWarp

Dena Lorenzi

Marketing Director
Dena thrives on complex challenges. Her foundation in finance and marketing with large corporations, such as consumer product business Kimberly-Clark and database marketer Acxiom, informs her ability to help businesses analyze and understand markets, build brands, and strengthen the bottom line.

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Dena Lorenzi, Channel Partner Marketing Manager at SalesWarp

Donald Pettit

Sales and Partner Manager

Donald is a former Peace Corps Volunteer that is passionate about helping organizations thrive in competitive environments.

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Jody Bruce

Sales Engineer
Born and raised in Michigan, Jody has lived in the Windy City, Chicago, and now resides in Madison, WI. Jody is passionate about the internet, software, and technology.

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Jody Bruce, Sales Engineer at SalesWarp

Joseph Zidell

Core Engineering Manager

Joe received his M.S. in Computer Science from Towson University in Maryland. An innovator in technology, he designs software solutions that positively impact people and business. When not writing software, you can find him reading or renovating his house.

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Puneet Sharma

Client Engineering Lead
Born and brought up in India, Puneet came to the U.S. in 2010 to learn something new and exciting. He completed his Masters of Software Engineering from East Carolina University before joining SalesWarp.

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Brian Hamilton

Senior Software Engineer
Born and raised in Delaware, Brian earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware. He grew up with his identical twin brother, constantly taking their toys apart and putting them back together.

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Brian Hamilton, Senior Software Engineer at SaleSwarp

Zach Noren

DevOps Engineer
Zach eats, sleeps, and breaths technology. His apartment in Baltimore sports a full server rack, and an internet connection that is faster than most vehicles. When he isn't doing projects at SalesWarp he spends time working on social media analytics, data mining, and machine learning.

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Zach Noren, Software Engineer at SalesWarp

Fnu Rashmi

Software Tester
Fnu was born and brought up in India where she worked hard to obtain her Masters degree in Science. She loves traveling whether exploring new local areas or around the world.

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Fnu Rashmi, Software Tester at SalesWarp